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Product name
   Z series medium DC motor (Center for high 315-560 mm)
Product category
   DC motor
Detailed description
One, overview
    The company developed the Z series medium DC motor is a new products using the latest technology of design and manufacture, the base of the series motor has six central high, from 315-560 mm.
    This series motor performance, dimensions and technical requirements are in line with national standards (GB) and the International Electrotechnical Commission Standard (IEC), motor parts of machine size, tolerance to meet the standards of the International Committee for Standardization (ISO).

Two, the use of conditions
    1, this series motors can be installed in the environment condition is bad.But must choose proper cooling and protection level, to keep the machine clean inside.
    Cooling air 2, this series motors should not contain acid, alkali, the insulation gas damage and the motor commutation performance.
    3, this series motors such as the use of dry and wet tropical areas of ship and working environment with salt spray, humidity, should be a separate agreement.
    4 of the rated power, the series motor is less than 1000 meters in altitude, the air humidity of not more than 40 .
    The power supply of 5, this series motor using the static rectifier power supply, also can use DC generator.
    6, when the motor adopts static rectifier power supply, pulse wave rectifier shall be not less than 6, at rated speed, rated voltage and load current, peak power of not more than 10%.