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Product name
   ZFQZ frequent starting and braking of DC motor
Product category
   DC motor
Detailed description
   ZFQZ series DC motor is my company based on Z4 series DC motor, series of products from the main process of ZZJ-800 series DC motor development, the moment of inertia of the motor are respectively ZZJ-800 and ZZJ-900 series 45% and 65%, adapt to frequent positive and reverse and frequent starting and braking of the harsh conditions.Motor with overload characteristics of excellent, the maximum torque and torque respectively is 112% times that of ZZJ-800 series and ZZJ-900 series and 117% times the weight of the motor, only 65% ZZJ-800 series, motor power levels in line with the IEC34-13 "lifting, metallurgical auxiliary motor technical specifications" international standards.Motor dimensions in addition to the two foot hole axial size "B", are in line with the international standard IEC72, motor with base can reach the main installation size consistent with the ZZJ-800 and ZZJ-900 series by, and through the negotiation made of ZZJ-800 and ZZJ-900 series of corresponding shaft dimensions, which can replace the ZZJ-800 and ZZJ-900 series products.