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Product name
   T series three-phase asynchronous motor
   T series three-phase asynchronous motor
Detailed description
This series of large three-phase synchronous motor, the core diameter is specified in more than one meter of large motor.Suitable for driving fan, water pump and other kinds of general machinery.The
series motor sophisticated materials, fine workmanship, best performance, high reliability, and has the advantages of convenient using and repair.
this series motor technology, subject to the provisions of the special technical requirements of products, the rest are in line with national standards GB755 "requirements" basic technology of rotating machinery and the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC standard.The
series motor is the mechanical dimensions, tolerances are in accordance with the national standard GB1800-1804 and the ISO standard.The
series motor shell protection grade according to GB4942.1 and IEC34-5 "motor shell protection grade" IP00, IP20, IP21, IP23 and IP44
of this series motor cooling method based on GB1993 and IEC34-6 "motor cooling method" standard, IC01, IC27, IC37, IC81W, IC91W.Provisions of the basic installation
this series motors conform to GB997 and IEC34-7 "structure of the motor and mounting type code".
if the user needs other protection grade, cooling method, the installation can be further consultations.