Innovation research and develoλãҳ

Super efficient motor is my company in recent years the main energy saving products, and general motors, compared the efficiency to raise 5% above. In 2009, allowed the European and American market to improve the motor efficiency standard information, chairman of the board of directors ZhouQiaoLin immediate decision, r&d super efficient motor. In 2010 the company successively investment of 3000 yuan money to develop mold, update, test equipment, super efficient full series motor in the end of year for the United States issued by the department of energy efficiency certificate.

In 2011 made Russia explosion protection certificate, be applicable to the outdoor - to - environment, started the first domestic motor industry. At present our country motor generally applies only to - and environment.

In the high temperature field, in April this year through the national refractory material and equipment testing center related test, can be in 300 of ?