Dazhong Electric Motor

Enterprise mission:Committed to scientific research and intelligent manufacturing of energy-saving motors in China, becoming a leader in high-end manufacturing in the motor industry

The core of all work is to closely focus on "technological innovation", "maximizing customer benefits", and "green environmental protection",
Inject green environmental protection concepts into the entire process of product design, production and manufacturing,
Create an industry-leading green brand with products that are highly energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and high-performance.

Enterprise vision:Build a first-class professional production and research base for efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly motors, build a century old enterprise, create an international brand, and revitalize national industry

Technical development direction: from high efficiency to ultra high efficiency.
Product function development direction: the motor is developing towards motor integration, systematization, and intelligence.
Adjust the marketing model, go deep into the customer's interior, actively assist customers in selecting, designing, and installing product solutions,
Instilling the concept of "green" from the source will enable customers to feel the long-term benefits of "green", and promote the development of "green" to create an international brand for large and medium-sized electric machinery.

Core values:Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, Quality

Integrity:Abide by laws and regulations, and operate with integrity.
Collaboration:Unity and cooperation, pluralism and win-win results.
Innovation:Break through stereotypes and traditions.
Quality:Pursue excellence and strive for excellence.

Enterprise spirit:Striving for governance and excellence

Enterprise training:Rigorous, Pragmatic, Focused, Professional