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How to Connect Three Phase Electricity to Two Phase Electricity
Release Time:2022-12-28


When installing electrical wires, the "three-phase four wire" standard wiring is used, which means: three live wires and one zero wire; The voltage of the three live wires is 380 volts, and when any of them is paired with the zero wire, a voltage of 220 volts is formed; Most household appliances are connected in this way.

First, it depends on whether the three-phase electricity is a four wire system or a three wire system. If it is a four wire system, three wires are live wires, and the remaining one should be a thinner one than those three wires, which is the zero wire. If there are only three wires, then the zero wire is the ground that you stepped on, which means using a wire to directly lead a wire from the ground. The voltage between the three live wires of three-phase electricity is 380V, but any one of the live wires and the ground you step on is only 220V, which is the mains power.

Simple connection method for three-phase to two-phase electrical transformation (self judgment of correctness, consequences at one's own risk):

Green matches blue, red matches gray. The yellow and green wires are temporarily not connected. For safety reasons, we will buy a three core wire in the future before reconnecting it.