YBX3-H series marine explosion-proof motor

YBX3-H series marine explosion-proof motor

  • Frame number: H71-355
  • Capacity: 0.37-315KW
  • Number of poles: 2-10P
  • Voltage: 720V and below/50HZ, 480V and below/60HZ


YBX3-H series marine explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor, frame number: H71-355, capacity: 0.37-315KW, number of poles: 2-10P, voltage: 720V and below/50HZ, 480V and below/60HZ, explosion-proof mark: Exd IIB T4G, Exd IIC T4G are products approved by China Classification Du CCS, with explosion-proof certificate, 3C mandatory product certification, and other qualifications. They are suitable for pumps, ventilators, separators, hydraulic machinery, and other box auxiliary equipment on ships.


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