Y-H series marine three-phase asynchronous motor

Y-H series marine three-phase asynchronous motor

  • Frame number: H80-450
  • Capacity: 0.55-1000KW
  • Voltage: 1140V and below
  • Insulation level: F, H
  • Protection level: IP54, IP55, IP56
  • Number of poles: 2-12P


Y-H series marine three-phase asynchronous motor, frame number: H80~450, capacity: 0.55~1000KW, voltage suitable for 1140V and below, insulation level: F and H, protection level: IP54, IP55, IP56, pole number: 2-12P. Suitable for driving various machinery on ships, such as pumps, ventilation, separators, hydraulic machinery, and other auxiliary equipment, it has the advantages of high efficiency and high starting torque, and has 11 global class certification qualifications.


  • Packaging MachinesPackaging Machines
  • Ship TrafficShip Traffic
  • Fan Water PumpFan Water Pump
  • Mining MachinesMining Machines
  • Petroleum EquipmentPetroleum Equipment
  • Cement Building MaterialsCement Building Materials
  • Plastic MachinesPlastic Machines

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