YWKK high-voltage non-sparking three-phase asynchronous motor

YWKK high-voltage non-sparking three-phase asynchronous motor

  • Frame number: 315~630
  • Voltage: 6000~10000V
  • Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Power range: 160~5600kW
  • Pole number: 2-20P


The YWKK series high-voltage non-sparking three-phase asynchronous motor is a new generation product developed based on our long-term stable design and manufacturing experience in the high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor series. It is an upgraded product of the explosion-proof series and our company provides you with the most suitable high-quality and cost-effective motor in various fields. This series of motors has the characteristics of lower center height, higher power, lower noise, safe and reliable operation, and convenient use and maintenance. Suitable for Zone 2 hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres. Drive various ventilation fans, compressors, water pumps, crushers, cutting machinery, transportation machinery, general machinery, and other mechanical equipment, and use them as the driving force in various working conditions such as mines, steel, machinery, petroleum, chemical, power plants, and other enterprises.


  • Packaging MachinesPackaging Machines
  • Ship TrafficShip Traffic
  • Fan Water PumpFan Water Pump
  • Mining MachinesMining Machines
  • Petroleum EquipmentPetroleum Equipment
  • Cement Building MaterialsCement Building Materials
  • Plastic MachinesPlastic Machines

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