T series large high-voltage three-phase synchronous motor

T series large high-voltage three-phase synchronous motor

  • Number of poles: 4-80 poles
  • Rated power: 400KW -10000KW
  • Rated voltage: 6KV, 10K (V)
  • Rated speed: 75-1500 (rpm)


This series of synchronous motors utilizes computer optimization design, new materials, and new processes to meet the relevant requirements of users. They have the characteristics of reliable performance, low temperature rise, low losses, high efficiency, excellent manufacturing, low vibration, large starting torque, simple structure, and easy maintenance. The motor can be started at full voltage. If the user's power grid capacity is insufficient, the voltage can be appropriately reduced for starting, or a soft start method can be used. The technical requirements of this series of motors, except for those specified in the special technical conditions of the product, comply with the national standard GB755 "Basic Technical Requirements for Rotating Electrical Machines" and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. The mechanical dimensions and tolerances of each part of this series of motors comply with the national standard gb1800-1804 and the iso standard of the international standardization committee.


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